Unique. Handmade. Sustainable. For A Brighter and Kinder Planet.

Blue Mar 4 Change is a Social Enterprise.  What does this mean?  It’s a business that is founded on its’ commitment to maximize human and environmental well-being.  In a nutshell, “For a Brighter and Kinder Planet”.

Soulful Passion Radiating Mindful Action.

Over the years, principal owner of Blue Mar 4 Change Minna Koskela-Wild has been connecting with people and organizations through her love of travel. Over the past several years she has been volunteering her time with a number of different groups and for various causes. Minna loves to collect unique pieces as she wanders close and far away from home. She especially loves when a treasure has a story; made even better when it’s green and supports a great cause. Blue Mar 4 Change has been dreamt up through these wonderful experiences.

Charitable Book Project “The Trip that Changed my Life”

The Trip that Changed my Life is a compilation of over 70 travel stories by travelers and writers from all over the world. This book is the result of Project Alpha, a global undertaking pulling together travelers worldwide to write about the one trip that changed their life. The intent was to show the transformative power of travel and to give back to the communities that continue to transform the lives of travelers the world over.

I have shared my story of the journey to Blue Mar (thus far!) as I strongly believe in partnerships and contributing to the global community. Woven together are travellers’ tales from around the globe.  Why? So that we can help make a difference on this planet.


Youth Led, Grassroots Fundraising Project

ROAR Squamish!

This is a group co-founded by two school friends who want to help protect endangered species. ROAR stands for Respect Our Animal Rights.

Thanks to everyone who supported the first event put on by ROAR! Awareness about endangered species and a total of $226 was raised for WWF Canada at this event, with plans for event number two.

This is what youth led, grassroots caring looks like.

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